Points to Know Before Signing your Rental Agreement

With flourishing real estate market and people owning more properties than one, renting a property is a common trend these days. With prevalence of nuclear families along with the increasing rate of migration the trend has gained further popularity.
But feuds between the landlord and the tenant are also common. A ‘rental agreement’ becomes critical to avoid disputes at a later stage. It defines the duties and responsibilities of both the parties involved.
As per the Registration Act 1908, all rent agreements for tenure of one year and above have to be legally registered. Being a legally...

Guidelines to Choose the Right Loan


1. Go For Low EMIs

Shop for Housing Finance Companies that offer you loans with low interest rates. Do not stop with one or two enquiries. The best offer may yet to come, so approach as many sources as you can. Compare the offers and consider what will best suit your requirements. Ensure that the loan tenure does not extend for a long period as the interest rates might hike any time & put...

10 Important Things to Remember Before Buying Flat/Apartment

  1. Legality: It's the most important thing to check before buying a flat. In every city there are local government bodies authorized to approve maps of any building. Buyer must check the approvals before entering into agreement or contract.
  2. Builder Reputation: As a buyer/investor it's your responsibility to check the history of Builder or Developer. By visiting old buildings constructed by the same builder, you will be in a position to decide upon the quality standards followed by the Builder. Generally, all good...